Let's get to know
each other

It's a pleasure to meet you - do let me explain why I'm here and what I can do for you...

Beverley hails from an extensive career across the not-for-profit / charity, public and small business sectors and brings a pragmatic understanding of privacy, data protection and marketing compliance to every project undertaken.

Until May 2023 Beverley was the DPO at a national homelessness charity but has also worked at other national and local charities in the privacy and data protection context for in excess of 20 years, giving assurance to Trustees and Executive level management of compliance and practical implementation of data protection and marketing legislation. She became known as 'the data protection lady' within her most recent organisation and was praised for being both approachable and being able to interpret complex legislation into something understandable. She even makes in-person learning fun with her giant snakes and ladders data protection game.

As a small business owner Beverley knows that the legislation can sometimes seem baffling and this may limit small businesses from using their client data to the best advantage. Beverley will ensure that you are making the most of the client data you have built for marketing purposes.

Where I want to thrive

To support charities and
values-based organisations in becoming and remaining privacy compliant through empathetic and pragmatic consultancy services. 

what am i here for

Through empathetic, practical and risk-based audit and advice, I give organisations assurance that they can honestly say to their clients, supporters and customers, that they really do ‘take privacy seriously’. 

values and behaviours

  • I believe: that privacy is a fundamental human right. It should not be exploited through online tracking or used to undermine or intrude on individuals’ family or personal life. 

  • I will: always respect my client’s personal privacy and commercial confidentiality  

  • I will: seek to work with organisations that are values-based and not work with organisations that do not share my values 

  • I will: work with organisations that respect and uphold human rights 

Testimonials for beverley

In the realm of data privacy, professionalism is of utmost importance, and Beverley (Bev) exemplifies this quality to the highest degree. Her work is characterised by meticulous attention to detail, thoroughness, and a deep sense of responsibility. Bev consistently maintains the highest ethical standards, earning the trust and admiration of peers, partners, and stakeholders alike. Furthermore, Bev is widely recognised as a thought leader in the charitable sector. Her expertise, combined with their ability to anticipate emerging trends and adapt to evolving regulations, has solidified her reputation as an influential figure. Through speaking engagements, publications, and active participation in industry conferences, Bev consistently shares her visionary insights, inspiring others to push the boundaries of data privacy practices. It is with great enthusiasm that I wholeheartedly recommend Bev for any consulting or project related to data privacy. Her commitment to mentoring, knowledge sharing, and capacity building make her the go-to-person in the charitable sector.T.L - Global Practice Lead and Keynote speaker