Baking in Privacy to your business practices

Anyone who knows me well knows that I am a bit of a baker (& yes, I did make the wedding cake on the picture) but did you know that organisations are supposed to bake in privacy as a design feature of the systems and processes? So here is my recipe baking privacy into your business to help keep data safe and secure... 


  • 100g of Conscious Intent 

  • 75g of Clear Policies 

  • 50g of Data Minimisation 

  • 50g of Consent Cookies 

  • 25g of Encryption Essence 

  • 25g of Transparent Communication 

  • 1 dash of Trustworthy Tools 

  • A sprinkle of Regular Reviews 


Step 1: Preheat Your Mind Oven 

Begin with a generous serving of Conscious Intent. Recognise the importance of privacy in your organisation, no matter how small - it's the secret ingredient that flavours your relationship with customers, service users and stakeholders. 

Step 2: Mix in Clear Policies 

Take 75g of Clear Policies and blend them with a generous dollop of Transparency. Create a robust Privacy Policy that's digestible and easy-to-understand, like a scrumptious recipe card for your business practices. Don’t forget to taste your mixture – is it right for the people who are going to consume it? 

Step 3: Fold in Data Minimisation 

Gently fold in 50g of Data Minimisation. Like an entrant on the Great British Bake Off, ensure you only collect and store the necessary data, leaving the unnecessary bits on the cutting board. 

Step 4: Bake in Consent Cookies 

Form 50g of Consent Cookies by seeking explicit consent from your customers for those ingredients that aren’t ‘strictly necessary’. These cookies should be sweet but not overly sugary - meaning, obtain permission where needed. 

Step 5: Infuse with Encryption Essence 

Sprinkle 25g of Encryption Essence into your data practices. It's like adding a protective layer to your baked goods - keep your sensitive data secure with encryption. 

Step 6: Blend in Transparent Communication 

Mix in 25g of Transparent Communication. Communicate openly about your data practices. It’s like offering a sneak peek into your kitchen; customers appreciate the transparency. 

Step 7: Add a Dash of Trustworthy Tools 

A dash of Trustworthy Tools, please! Invest in reliable software and systems that prioritise privacy. They're the baking pans and spatulas of your data kitchen. 

Step 8: Sprinkle with Regular Reviews 

Lastly, sprinkle a little bit of Regular Reviews on top. Just like checking on your baking masterpiece in the oven, regularly review and update your privacy practices to keep them fresh and effective. 

Final Touch: Serve with a Side of Compliance 

Serve your Privacy by Design creation with a side of Compliance. Remember, following the GDPR and other relevant UK regulations is like presenting your dish on a beautifully decorated platter - it adds finesse and ensures you're meeting legal requirements. 

Congratulations! You've baked a delectable Privacy by Design recipe for your small business, solo-preneurship, or charity. Let this be the secret sauce that elevates your customer trust and loyalty. Enjoy the sweet taste of success with your privacy-conscious practices! 

Disclaimer: This recipe isn’t edible, but following its steps will certainly make your privacy practices deliciously effective!