Loving the Bard on Shakespeare Day - The DPL's terrible segue to privacy.

On April's twenty-third, a day revered and grand,  

We hail the bard, whose words still grace our land.  

But in this ode to Shakespeare's timeless lore,  

Let's ponder data and its safeguarding chore. 

In days of yore, when quills did dance and scribe,  

When inkwells held the words we did imbibe,  

No data laws, no GDPR to heed,  

Yet privacy was held as precious seed. 

Imagine, if you will, fair Shakespeare's time,  

Where whispers carried secrets, no online mime.  

Each letter writ, a snippet of one's soul,  

No digital realm to lose control. 

The Globe, where plays and tales would come alive,  

No cyber threats, no breaches to contrive.  

But privacy, alas, was still at stake,  

In whispered confidences, bonds did make. 

Forsooth! If data protection had been nigh,  

Would Shakespeare quill his sonnets to the sky?  

His patrons' trust, their data in his care,  

A safeguarded treasure, beyond compare. 

Methinks, in Stratford-upon-Avon's street,  

The scribes and bards, their musings to complete,  

Would ponder on encryption's fine technique,  

To keep their patrons' words secure and sleek. 

No ransomware, nor phishing schemes to fret,  

Yet still, the need for trust, lest we forget. F 

or small charities and sole-preneurs alike,  

Data protection's key, a shield they strike. 

Though centuries span betwixt then and now,  

The essence holds, to protect, avow.  

In Shakespeare's realm, where tales and sonnets spun,  

Privacy prevailed, its value second none. 

So, on this day, as we revere the bard, 

Let's ponder too, in our data's regard.  

For though his time knew not our digital stage,  

Privacy's essence crossed each era's page. 

 To charities and sole-preneurs, we say,  

Take heed, protect the data in your sway.  

For in this modern age, as was back then,  

Trust and privacy, the greatest ken. 

 As Shakespeare's words still echo through the years,  

Let data protection allay your fears.  

In iambic verse, this message I impart,  

On Shakespeare Day, safeguard each data heart.